Americas and Caribbean

A collection of my favorite images from North Middle and South America and the Caribbean islands.

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  1. f/3.5
  2. 1/200 sec
  3. 12mm
  4. ISO 200

The Labyrint

You have to find your way through the Labyrint in order to get to the Central Acropolis

  1. f/3.2
  2. 1/60 sec
  3. 12mm
  4. ISO 250

Lady K'ab'al Xook's Palace in Yaxchilan

Due to it's very well preserved decoration, Lady K'ab'al Xook's palace (structure 23) is one of the most interesting ruins in Yaxchilán

  1. f/6.3
  2. 1/400 sec
  3. 17mm
  4. ISO 200

Templo de las Inscripciones

In this eight stepped pyramid Aöberto Ruz discovered the grave of Pacal back in 1949.

  1. f/5
  2. 1/640 sec
  3. 12mm
  4. ISO 200

Labna Arch

The smallest site on the Puuc route is Labna. We were alone there although we visited in the height of the season. Restaursation is going on but as you can see there still is a lot to do. The corbelled arch is famous for its carvings of stylized Maya huts above the doorways, a sign that there was less distance between regents and people as in older cities like Tikal or Palenque

  1. f/4
  2. 1/1600 sec
  3. 40mm
  4. ISO 200

Magician's Pyramid in Uxmal

This is my favourite view of this amazing building.

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  1. f/4.7
  2. 1/160 sec
  3. 78mm
  4. ISO 320

El Caracol at sunset II

View from our balcony at the Mayaland hotel right after sunset

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