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Gear: How to configure AF on demand and other AEL/AFL related Behaviour on Olympus mFT Cameras like the OM-D E-M1

The following article also applies to the other OM-D and Pen models but with less Fn buttons to choose as alternate AEL/AFL button.

Many photographers prefer to decouple exposure meturing from AF but struggle how to permanently set up this behaviour on their E-M1. The reason is that the E-M1 like all other Olympus cameras simply offers different AEL/AFL modes for S-AF, C-AF and MF, but doesn't call the relevant ones AF-on. As a consequence, if you search the manual for AF-on or AF on demand, you don't find anything although the feature is available.

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2013-11-02: A bad case of GAS or "Bigger is better"

You may ask yourself why someone using a mFT camera is writing about GAS and FF sensors. Well, today we met at Stefan's studio for a workshop on how to create realistic scars. It was a bit late for Halloween but we had lots of fun and Nadja (Spiegellicht) did a great job teaching. During lunch one of the participating photographers asked for advice regarding an affordable FF camera because he thought his own APS-C model wasn't good enough anymore and he wanted a bigger sensor but had limited budget. I was a bit puzzled because i simply adore his pictures and never assumed he was feeling his gear was not producing good enough quality.

Please don't read on if you feel offended by erotic photography and/or naked bodies or if you are under 16 years of age!

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