On the Ground

A collection of my favourite images of wild and captive animals living on the ground

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  1. f/6.3
  2. 1/2000 sec
  3. 400mm
  4. ISO 320

Helgoland 2018

  1. f/3.2
  2. 1/800 sec
  3. 150mm
  4. ISO 2000

I <3 You

Little visitor on our balcony in the 4th floor downtown Munich. No idea how he gets there, he jumps down from the rrooff.

  1. f/4
  2. 1/800 sec
  3. 110mm
  4. ISO 400

Fox in wet grass

Cute little fox running over a wet meadow with summer flowers

  1. f/5.6
  2. 1/800 sec
  3. 120mm
  4. ISO 800

Mountain Lion II

The same mountain lion, this time with an Oly E-M1 Mark II.

#berglöwe  #cougar  #kugar  #mountain lion  #puma  #puma concolor  #silberlöwe

  1. f/5.6
  2. 1/320 sec
  3. 100mm
  4. ISO 400

Mountain Lion

Shot with a rented Fuji X-T2 and 100-400, amazing image quality, this is a tweaked jpg because i had managed to change the setup from JPG + RAW to JPG only (stupid me)

  1. f/2.2
  2. 1/30 sec
  3. 75mm
  4. ISO 400


relaxed kitty with a flair