This album contains my favourite images of zombies, witches, monsters, slime and splatter, ... all of them created with lots of makeup and artificial blood and models usually giggling the whole session. It may look ugly or brutal but this is just an illusion.

Please don't scroll down further if you feel offended by scars, blood, slime and/or naked bodies or if you are under 16 years of age!

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  1. f/5.6
  2. 1/125 sec
  3. 32mm
  4. ISO 200

Just another Manic Monday

Model: Änna

  1. f/6.3
  2. 1/200 sec
  3. 23mm
  4. ISO 100

Sweet dreams ain't made of this

Model: Kaycee

  1. f/9
  2. 1/200 sec
  3. 31mm
  4. ISO 200

Play Ball

Model: Rassamee, BG: wall with Choc masks in Labna

  1. f/1.8
  2. 1/20 sec
  3. 45mm
  4. ISO 100

My Precious I

Focus is on GNTM engraving of the ring. Model & MUA: Gollum aka Rassamee Gesell

  1. f/10
  2. 1/200 sec
  3. 40mm
  4. ISO 200


Model: Böhser Onkel

  1. f/8
  2. 1/200 sec
  3. 26mm
  4. ISO 200

Strange Kind of Clown

Model: Böhser Onkel